The Faculty of Islamic Sciences explores, develops and promotes teaching and research in various scientific projects, in order to advance the knowledge, skills, and skills of students.
The Faculty of Islamic Sciences has a clear vision in building a well-prepared framework, ready to respond to the challenges of the time in the field of Islamic sciences.
University Studies
General Theology Academic Studies (4 years) Study Program. Founder: Islamic Religious Community of RM. Institution: IMF in RM. Title Awarding Body: FIS. Educational Institution: FIS. Location: FIS spaces in Skopje. Program accredited by: Chairperson for Accreditation.


The Faculty of Islamic Sciences aims at:

  • Creating an environment where acquiring knowledge will be at the center of attention;
  • Enriching the faculty library with new literature in foreign languages, especially in Albanian, which will help cultivate knowledge from Islamic sciences;
  • Affirming the dedication of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences to freedom of thinking, writing and speaking;
  • Engaging qualified and experienced university staff at home and abroad;
  • Attractive, functional and supportive teaching and development and maintenance;
  • Create a framework with new perspectives and thinking, and enable the development of skills and the acceptance of challenges and opportunities offered by the 21st century.
  • Integrate teaching, creative activities and exchange ideas;
  • To prepare students to build career in the field of Islamic sciences, to be employed in IRC institutions in RM;
  • Integration of information technologies in the teaching process;